2016 Vision Board

Updated Vision Board – Feb 2016

I just finished creating my vision board. This would be my third one in 4 years. I was first introduced to the idea of a vision board during a self development training in 2010, and again in Jul 2013.

Why Create A Vision Board?

A vision board serve the purpose of helping you to visualize the things you desire to achieve and do in life. They may be material wants or needs, changes you want to make in life. It is useful for setting your vision from where you are in life now, to where you want to be in the future.  You can change your vision board or create a new one as frequently as you like, but I would recommend changing it on an annual basis, or longer as you would need time to manifest what you have put up on the vision board before you change them.

Steps to Create Your Vision Board

On both the occasions I was taught on creating the vision board, the process was to go through stacks of magazines to pick up anything that catches your attention, caught your eyes or attracted you to stop and look. It could be images or text. You are encouraged to let your feelings flow and follow your heart. Pick whatever that attracts you without thinking too much. No discussion or interaction is allowed.

This time round, I did it slightly different from my last two. While picking things randomly could be a trickle of your subconscious mind, I did not want to rule out the conscious mind as well. I had thought about my current situation before visualizing about what I want in the future. In fact, I’ve even written down a list of things that I wanted to put in the board the day before. However, as I sat down to do my vision board the next day, I changed my mind and decided not to follow the list, but my heart.

I’m also doing it on my own as compared to the two previous classroom setting where it was done with a group of people even though we were all doing our own. No communication is allowed untill you’ve completed your vision board. You are then encouraged to share your vision with others.

Ways to Create a Vision Board


I find most fun in doing the paper version, and it’s best for first timers. Steps:

  • You will be given a cardboard, size may vary from A4, A3 or bigger ones like A2 or A1
  • You will be guided to let your thoughts and beliefs flow freely while browsing through magazines, books or newspapers to pick up pictures or words that resonated with what your mind calls for.
  • Cut out those pieces and lay them on your board
  • Pick as many pieces as you like so long as they fit onto the board.
  • You’re free to design the board with your selected pictures the way you like.
  • There should be no discussions or conversations during the process as your vision board is what you visualize, and not what others think it should be.


I did a digital version for the last two boards, and not the usual paper one. The idea is similar except that you work on a computer instead of manually on paper or board.  I realized that a digital version  has its advantages as well:

  • You can find exactly what you want as internet searches return with a lot more options and varieties for your searches
  • You can use a computer software to create a nice design, and the flexibility of changing the layout till you are happy
  • While searching online, more ideas may be generated within your visions

Can’t Find What You Want?


During one of my classroom session, a team mate who was sharing his vision board with me told me that he had to settle for a second choice item because he could not find what he want in any of the magazines. Guess what? I just drew it there and then, and paste it on his board.

You got it? If there’s something that you desire in life and can’t find it, create it! The sky is not even the limit, but you are if you limit yourself to settle for second best, or worst, give up.

Your Mind Lies Where Your Heart Is

Something strange happens! As I decided not to follow the list that I’ve written, I was using my intuition and heart to search and pick up things that came to mind. When I was done, I was amazed that all the things that I had visualized and written on paper earlier for my vision board were manifested on my digital board. Talk about the Law of Attraction :)

If you’ve already have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, put them down. Else, Let your mind wonder and let the ideas flow. See where your heart takes you. Be true to yourself.

Manifesting Your Vision Board

I’m sure you have every intention of fulfilling what you have put on your vision board. So, start working on it. Set SMART goals with realistic action plans to bridge your current situation to where you want to be.

Make It Visible

Put up your vision board in prominent places where you can see as often as possible. Put digital versions as your desktop or mobile wallpaper. Print digital version on paper or duplicate your paper version to put up on your work area, bedroom cabinet or even bathroom mirror.

I always had a lot of fun and new insights creating my vision board. It sets me thinking about what I desire and what matters most to me in life. The process of putting everything together brings me satisfaction and added confidence to move towards my visions. If you’ve never created a vision board, go ahead and start creating one today. Put in your best efforts in reflecting what you want to see of yourself sometimes in the future. Most Importantly, have fun!

2014 vision board

My 2014 Vision Board

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