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Came home at 23:15 and there’s this nicely wrapped present sitting on my computer. Wow! It’s my personal selfie stick, and in my favorite color, the perfect gift for me.  I’m grateful!

I am grateful not for the selfie stick, but to the man Henry Goh, and for his love. Thanks dear! So I won’t have to borrow yours again right :) Yes, I’ve been borrowing his selfie stick for use in mainly my training classes. 


Finally had my personal selfie stick in my favorite color.


Thank you!

My Gratitude Movie

Had this sudden inspiration to make a little gratitude movie for the precious memories in my life. There are so much things to be grateful for every single day. As the thoughts flow, I started scrolling through my computer and mobile phones for pictures of events that came spontaneously to my mind, most are recent and in the last few months. I did not put much thoughts about what to include in this video, but mainly follow my heart and picked up pictures along the way.

It took me approximately 2.5 hours to complete the video including editing. Nothing fancy. Though I consider myself tech savvy, this video was created on the spur and kept short and sweet intentionally.

As I was looking through my video, I realized that many of my gratitude in this video were photos of me conducting training. There were training in different areas, for different groups and even for special people. There were some shared personal moments too.

I guess this video stems in part from my recent training. Over the weekends that had past (6-7 May), I attended a 2-day training, Jack Canfield’s Success Breakthrough by Suria Isha Sparks. It was a mind-blowing event and I’ve unlearned and relearn many things. True to what others have been saying about her, Suria is really a giver. Her overwhelming giving and sharing of her knowledge will overflow you.

Finding Yourself

One big takeaway from the training, we all have talents and qualities within us to achieve great things. Draw them out, act on it and create the life you want. But first, work on your inner self. How many people have seriously explored themselves? Hardly. In short, that’s because:

  • They are not living a conscious life
  • They have little awareness about themselves
  • They don’t think they are worthy
  • No one tells them about them

I once created a short program for myself called, “Journey into Yourself” where I explored my inner world, beginning from childhood until my present life. I uncover myself in the most intimate manner and seek to understand myself better. More about that next time.

And yes, you are worthy of and deserve all the praises that people say about you. Freely receive, and remember to give freely as well.

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful for all that’s happened for my life thus far.

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