Welcome to Gratitude In A Box, a little space I’ve created to share and practice gratitude as a way of life.

gratitude in a box

Gratitude for me means being thankful, being kind, be appreciative and be my best for what life has brought me to. As we continue to walk our journey of life in pursuit of higher aspirations, it is equally important to be thankful for the process and steps that have taken us there, and savor the milestones we have reached. Not to slow us down, but to spur us to higher levels.

1. 101 Gratitude Quotes eBook to inspire your life

This little pocket eBook comprises 101 gratitude quotes that I’ve personally selected. I hope that this inspires you to be grateful every day, and send a little kindness to someone in your life.

101 Gratitute QuotesDownload it here. You will receive the book within 48 hours.

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 2. #365 Gratitude 2016 Journal

I started writing gratitude journal about 3 years ago in Jan 2013 after a series of events and adversities that was happening in my life for a few years,  and  that prompted me to be more appreciative of my life.  Initially, my journals were written in bullet points

From 28 Jan 2016, I embarked on writing a 1-day-1-gratitude, 365 days gratitude journal. It doesn’t matter that I did not start on 1 Jan 2016, I intend to write for 365 days. They were hand-written for keep sake, and typed here for sharing.

#365 gratitude quotesClick on the image to read my #365 Gratitude 2016 journal

3. Articles on Gratitude

Here are the articles I’ve written on Gratitude

 4. My Gratitude Story <coming soon>

A series of true stories that exemplify the role of gratitude in the lives of people

My Gratitude Story

5. ACTS of Gratitude

Gratitude can be practiced anywhere, anytime and to anyone. A small act that brings someone a smile will put a smile of your face too.  Go ahead and start getting into the act. Here’s what you can do.

One act of gratitude a day