#365 Gratitude Day 302 – My Ni Dan Grading 

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10 Sep 2017 Finally, my Ni (2nd) Dan grading! Over a period of five years, including three years of hiatus, two years of searching, talking and waiting, the grading came and went, the rest is history. Graded and passed. Whew! Can’t believe I took such a long time to reach this point. I have been running back and forth with my posts of events not running in chronological order. Whenever the thoughts flow, or when an event or incident...

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#365 Gratitude Day 301 – Gifted by God!

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1 Oct 2017  – Hope Sunday I was the Translator on duty in church this morning. I have served as a Chinese Translator for the past six months in the English service. Since there were only three of us in the oral translation team, we get lots of opportunities to serve and practice our skills. My work involves simultaneous interpretation of a live church service from English to Chinese. The target audience...

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#365 Gratitude Day 300 – I Am Grateful 

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#365 Gratitude Journal Challenge Have you ever tried doing something (one thing) for 296 days straight? I have! I wrote a gratitude journal every day on this blog for 296 days. Here’s how 296 looks like: 296 days equals 9.86 months One journal average 600 words, that works out to 177,600 words Every journal took an average of 3 hours to write, edit and post, that works out to 888 hours of writing Daunting statistics, I must say. As...

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#365 Gratitude Day 299 – SuperStar Presenter Workshop

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop for children #throwback19jun2017 Had lots of fun conducting my first SuperStar Presenter, public speaking and presentation skills workshop for primary school children in a day care center. Within 3 hours, the kids ranging from age 7-11 learned three essential skills to speak confidently in public. From their first raw attempt at speaking, most were shy, awkward and behaved totally out of place...

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#365 Gratitude Day 298 – My Gratitude Video

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#298 – #throwback8may2017 Came home at 23:15 and there’s this nicely wrapped present sitting on my computer. Wow! It’s my personal selfie stick, and in my favorite color, the perfect gift for me.  I’m grateful! I am grateful not for the selfie stick, but to the man Henry Goh, and for his love. Thanks dear! So I won’t have to borrow yours again right Yes, I’ve been borrowing his selfie stick for use in...

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