Aha contains a series of original short quotes that I’ve written at the spur, or when a thought that gives me some form of revelation hits. They are musings that captures my personal quote of the moments. Reading back, they allow me to reflect on my thoughts and feelings at different points in time. I hope these notes can be a source of inspiration to you too. Enjoy!

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“When you quest for learning, you must be humble in asking, sincere in learning, and open in sharing. That’s when you will start to progress and receive more”. – Christine Ang separator “Happiness is doing the things that makes you happy, regardless of other people’s perception of what purpose they bring.” – Christine Ang separator “Success are for people who persevere and change their actions until they achieved a satisfied result, even though the results may not be what they desired in the beginning.” – Christine Ang separator “Put a meaning in everything you do. Set an intention that will help you achieve a purpose at the end.” – Christine Ang separator “Courage is not merely doing the things you fear, but persisting to continue doing them until you overcome the fear.” – Christine Ang separator “Other people’s perception of me does not define me. I’m the person I choose to become.” – Christine Ang separator “Criticism can be a double-edged sword. You either embrace it with honesty and courage, reflect and learn from it, or get hurt by denying it.” – Christine Ang separator “It is not how positive you think and believe yourself to be. It’s how you act and apply positive energy in your life that will make a difference.” – Christine Ang separator “You can’t get stuck in life unless you choose to remain constant. So until the day you stop breathing, get moving and keep going with life.” – Christine Ang separator “Stop acting like a victim. If you don’t like what others think or say about you, change. Prove them wrong.” – Christine Ang separator “If you follow the norm, you act normal and you will get ordinary to little results, no surprises. If you are willing to give more, you add value, you work extra hard and you will achieve extraordinary results.’ – Christine Ang separator “When you invite someone to a free seminar, they’ll attend if they are free. If you make them pay to attend a seminar, they’ll make themselves free to attend.” – Christine Ang separator “Life may be hard, but you needn’t be hard on yourself. You need to be brave.” – Christine Ang separator “You will not be disappointed if you did not attempt to do something, but you will regret not attempting to do something and failed. Keep trying, keep doing.” – Christine Ang separator “Filling your time with things to do does not gives you fulfillment in life.”- Christine Ang separator “Tough times are seasonal, they do not last forever, unlike tough people.” – Christine Ang separator “There are no challenges that cannot be overcome, only people who do not want to challenge them.” – Christine Ang separator “There is no impossible task for me because ‘I M Possible’.” – Christine Ang separator ” We only live life once. Don’t waste it. Live it fully. Live in zest. Live in style.” – Christine Ang separator “You are at the most vulnerable when you have a urgent need to be met.” – Christine Ang separator “Seek to believe, not to belong. Self confidence stems from being comfortable with yourself inside out.”  – Christine Ang separator “People who thinks they do not have a life purpose must live for the purpose of finding their life purpose and live it.”  – Christine Ang separator “Imperfection is the path to perfection. So, stop procrastinating and start taking imperfect actions one step at a time!”  – Christine Ang separator “What really matters is what matters most to you in life. Are you consciously living your life with 100% presence?”  – Christine Ang separator “Management is about getting people to do a job well. Leadership is having a vision, creating a standard and becoming an icon with trailing followers.”  – Christine Ang separator “It’s the thought that counts. It’s the effort that matters, but it is the action that will make a great difference and create real changes.”  – Christine Ang separator “Life is too short for regrets. If you have a burning desire to do something, don’t wait for the right time. It is NOW!”  – Christine Ang separator “If you’ve never started. you won’t get anywhere. The minute you start, you know you’ll surely get somewhere. Get started with baby steps.”  – Christine Ang separator “There is a lesson to be learned from every set back. The most important thing is to stay positive and not be set down.”  – Christine Ang separator “Believe and have faith in whatever you do. Stretch yourself. The sky is not your limit.”  – Christine Ang separator “If you are ready for success, you do whatever it takes until you succeed, no matter how long it took. Otherwise, it is only a wish or hope.”  – Christine Ang separator “Trust must be embraced from the heart. When you trust someone, you agree with his decision, and support his actions without doubt.”  – Christine Ang separator “For a learning experience to be truly beneficial, you have to be present  fully and participate actively.”  – Christine Ang separator “Don’t just day dream. Fast forward and get on the other side. Live your life as if your dreams have already come to pass.”  – Christine Ang separator “Every rejection can be turned into a learning experience. Without which, we would never know where are the areas for improvement.”  – Christine Ang separator “There is no Best time, Good time or Perfect time to do something. Just do it. Every process is a lesson learned regardless of the result.”  – Christine Ang separator “Don’t be a last minute failure. If you have taken the first step to begin, take the last step to complete what you have started.”  – Christine Ang separator “Whenever you start thinking you CAN in anything you do, you will put in your utmost enthusiasm and best efforts to make it happen.”  – Christine Ang separator “One way to beat procrastination is to stop being a perfectionist. Get started and make improvements along the way.”  – Christine Ang separator “Life is a puzzle. Everyday is a single piece that will eventually form a completed you. Make everyday a master piece.”  – Christine Ang separator “Forgiveness is one of the best gift you can give to someone. When you forgive, you are releasing the pain that traps you.”  – Christine Ang separator “Be ready at all times to grab an opportunity when it is presented to you. Somebody would gladly take your place if you are not.”  – Christine Ang separator “Be the one to make the first move. When you lead by example, others will open up and take positive actions after you.”  – Christine Ang separator “When you suffer an injustice, you could be bitter and frustrated. But you can choose to forgive and move on. Happiness is as simple as being magnanimous.”  – Christine Ang separator “Do not recall or rehearse your unhappiness. It will only bring down your spirits and drown you with more miseries. Step out and move bravely forward.”  – Christine Ang separator “Get into the habit of improving something in your life daily e.g. getting to your appointment 10 minutes earlier. Over time, this small change can make a big difference to your life.”  – Christine Ang separator “Think simplicity when approaching a task. We often think too much and complicate matters, wasting time as a result.”  – Christine Ang separator “Do you empower yourself for success? Simple test – are you constantly doing things that will lead you to achieve your goals? Think again.”  – Christine Ang separator “It’s not enough to have faith to become successful. You need to put in massive actions behind that faith.”  – Christine Ang separator