Have you ever felt like a victim in your own circumstances? Do you encounter suffocating moments that makes you scream? Do you feel like your life is slowing down instead of moving forward? If you’ve answered yes or sometimes to any of the above, you could be carrying an excessive weight of emotional baggage that could sabotage your life experiences, and stop you from becoming your best.

In this article, I explored the 7 emotional traits that we must learn to let go to live a more fulfilling life. While my article 101 Ways to Live a Breakthrough Life touches on general life principles, these 7 traits focuses on letting go of the tangled mass in your emotional realm.

1. Jealousy

Shakespeare called it the green-eye monster. When jealousy hits, it’s as if your heart is set on fire. It can drive you crazily insane, blind your judgment and prevent you from listening and thinking. Although jealousy is most eminently present in a love relationship, it can devour you at the workplace where performance and promotion are concerned, or at home with sibling rivalries.

Psychiatrist and Occupational Therapist tend to regard jealousy as an indication of insecurity or low self-esteem. I’ll like to think it has to do with a person’s positivity state of mind or confidence about themselves. If you have the tendency to get jealous, figure out the triggers and work towards improving by turning the negative thoughts into positive ones.

2. Anger

Anger is a destructive emotion that can flare up without warning in some people. You know why some people are described as ‘short-tempered’, they snapped over little things. I’ve read frequently that majority of abusive spouses are found to have a history with anger.

If you lacked the ability to manage anger effectively, you’d tend to yell to make yourself heard, use harsh words that you don’t meant, or even make threats. Your angry feelings stop you from thinking rationally, you could end up with decisions you regret later on.

Removing anger is a daunting task and takes time. If you are an angry person, first acknowledged it. Seek help from good friends to work with you to curb your anger, or consider professional therapy on anger management.

3. Envy

I regard envy as the lesser evil of jealousy. However, if you allow the resentment to linger on, you end up criticizing that person and allow negativity to eat you up. you make comparison and start believing that nothing is fair in this world. Don’t dislike people because they have something you don’t. It will make you feel worst and it’s a complete waste of time.

One positive way of putting envy to good use is aspiring to be better than the person you envy, or you can regard them as your role model and humbly learns from them. I favored the latter as it makes you a friend and creates the desire for you to learn to become better.

4. Pride

In a society where people are judged by their achievements and materials they owned, pride appears to be synonymous with status and symbols, and serves to inflate the ego of a person.

Do not be blinded by your pride as that can lead to arrogance. A proud person may recognized his own failures, but will hesitate to acknowledge and admit them for fear of losing face. Failing to admit your mistake and make amends will eventually lead to downfall.

Embrace the success you deserved, and drop the pride!

5. Hatred

A person who harbors immense hatred filled his life with pain and hurt feelings. How you handle hatred is a reflection of your happiness index. How can you be happy if you are constantly reminding yourself of how others have hurt you? If you continue to hold on to those hated feelings, you are guaranteed to live in misery.

The only way to get healed from hatred is to forgive. Forgiveness is not agreeing with the wrong or hurt that was done to you, or that you can be friends with that person again. It is a means of releasing it from your body system so that you can stop nursing the pain, stop talking about it and stop cursing that person. Let time disburse the hate and heal you naturally.

6. Control

If you’re a control freak, you could be a highly insecured person who could not handle an outcome that do not meet your expectations. The need to control makes you resistant to change and could hurt your relationship with people around you.

What is best to you may not necessarily mean the same for others. Why not learn to be in cohesion with others by taking an alternative stand? Understand that letting go and letting others take control will not undermine your worth in any way. It’s noat an inaction on your part, but merely allowing others to take on a bigger role.

7. Perfectionism

The biggest constitution of perfectionism is the fear of failure. if you have the habit of running repetitions and checking the smallest details when getting things done, it is not a sign that nothing is good enough for you. you could be putting off the real action for fear that it will not yield the results you desire.

Such is the mentality of a perfectionist. And no surprise that perfectionism begets procrastination. Do remember that nothing is perfect in this world, and it is absolutely alright to fail or make mistakes. Instead of getting stuck by trying to perfect everything you do, start by taking actions, no matter how small and improve on it along the way.


While it will not be an easy task to simply dump these emotional baggages, as most of the time, these traits are exuded naturally when you react to a person or situation. Changes takes time You can start by being more conscious of your emotions and taking note of how you react in a given circumstances. Make an effort to remind yourself before you speak or act. It’s time to let go!

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