#292 – 14 Nov 2016

#365 Gratitude 2016 is my personal challenge to write one gratitude journal a day for 365 days, begins 28 Jan 2016.

take action

Some people plunged straight into doing anything they desire, with or without planning. It would be most ideal with a plan of sorts. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate one, but at least there’s something to see you through in steps.

While many others hesitated to take the first step in doing things. It could be something towards their dreams, a goal they’ve always want to achieve or an important task that will create impact to their lives.

Why Do People Hesitate to take the First Step?

Since the first step is the most important, why then do people hesitate to step out?

1. No knowledge. Fair enough, nobody can possibly have knowledge in everything, whether or not they have an interest in. Don’t forget that knowledge is learnable and there are many avenues to learn, books, audio, videos, attending classess, get a mentor. Once you get started, that’s when the real learning actually begins and go live.

2. Perfectionism. You don’t have to be an expert to start doing something. Knowledge is infinite and evolving all the time. Perfection is measured by your own yardstick. Use whatever knowledge you already possessed, or have learned and step out. Fine tune and polish your knowledge and skills along the way.

3. Fear of failure. Isn’t it better to fail at the start? The damages may be marginal and you will have lots of room for improvement. Failure is not guaranteed to happen, but success will come to pass when you take the first step and follow through till you succeed.

Making the First Step Works

Put your best foot forward and make your first step works. Here’s how:

  • Deliberate. Once you have decided, set your intentions, make a plan and decide when that will happen. With deliberation, you elevate your spirit and anticipate to it happening. Manifest success in that first attempt and you will achieve it.
  • Support team. Get a friend or form a support team with friends, family members, mentors or peers to cheer you along. It helps in 2 ways – first you’re accountable to do what you’ve told them, and you know you have strength backing you.
  • Don’t look back. After you’ve step out, accept whatever the outcome that comes with it. Celebrate your boldness and bravery, or the good results you achieve in that step. Don’t look back at why you haven’t done this or that. Leave those for reflections.
  • Reflect. Yes, you need to reflect on what you’ve done. Be honest and critical. Write down what you’ve done right and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Write down another list for how you could have done better – what has gone wrong and/or areas of improvement.

There you go, not too difficult right? Everything begins with the first step, and I know it’s the most difficult and heavy step to put forward. But, it’s something that must be done.

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful for having the courage to take many first steps in my life.

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