Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop for children


Had lots of fun conducting my first SuperStar Presenter, public speaking and presentation skills workshop for primary school children in a day care center. Within 3 hours, the kids ranging from age 7-11 learned three essential skills to speak confidently in public.

From their first raw attempt at speaking, most were shy, awkward and behaved totally out of place in front of their peers. Perhaps it’s the camera that makes them feel conscious. I could see that they were not comfortable speaking in front of groups, even though they all knew each other. Otherwise, I guess they weren’t exposed to, or have never been taught the skills.

Courage to Step Up

For the majority, it’s their first time speaking in public, albeit in a familiar area with people they know. Two of them have had some experiences, having participated in school activities like story telling and reciting. I had to coax a few of them, literally dragging them off their chairs and on their feet, to finally getting them to step up to speak.

To make things easy, I gave them a few things to speak about for one minute. I made an interesting observation here. All of them stop short at the three things in short sentences and ran out of things to say, stood there not knowing what to do.

This is where I realized how knowledge and training could make all the differences. In any case, I applaud them for making an effort and having the courage to step up to speak.

superstart presenter

Training Makes a Difference

That was intentional! To have them step up and step out of their comfort zone, stand in front of avcrowd to speak. Alone, they may not have done it, but with encouragement and motivation, they can stand out in the crowds.

That’s how training makes a difference. With proper training, knowledge can be acquired. With practice, skills can be improved and become better each time. Drills, feedback and more drills is the order of the workshop. At the end of the day, the kids have fun, and learn some useful new skills that they can put to use immediately.

By their performance from the second video, it is obvious that they’ve shown much improvement by comparison with the first. Rock it, kids!

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful for he opportunity to empower the growth of children in public speaking.

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