#291 – 13 Nov 2016

#365 Gratitude 2016 is my personal challenge to write one gratitude journal a day for 365 days, begins 28 Jan 2016.


Someone ask me this question recently. Is it easier to manage a team or customers? I’ve never thought about this before. I’ve done my fair share of managing both project teams and customers throughout my corporate working life and as a business owner.

Now that this question was posed to me, it sets my thoughts flowing. For a start, the mentality and state of mind in managing both groups are entire different.

Managing Customers

Customers are pay masters to your business or job. They have high expectations of you in many ways:

  • Deliver products and services that are satisfactory and serve their needs
  • Good pre and post sales customer service
  • Treat them as important people because they contribute to your survivor
  • Give in to their demands that may be beyond the purchase they make

Managing customers puts me in a state of serving. Getting to the ground to serving the needs and attending to their demands are important. So is building rapport for long term relations. From experience, customers can be accommodating to changes if they are on good terms with the people or organization. As long as it’s within limits, I’d make an extra effort to keep customers happy and satisfied

Managing Teams

On the other hand, expecations tend to work both ways when it comes to managing teams:

  • High expecations of team’s performance within and over the job requirements
  • Team players are able to take on more roles and responsibilities beyond the job scope
  • Managing and planning their career path and growth
  • Keeping them satisfied with company’s policies, perks and benefits

With team, the key is getting the job done to produce the desired results without compromising on quality and service to customers.

In conflicting situations, there’s no time to determine what’s right or wrong. What comes most importantly is resolving conflicts and managing damages to the minimum. Striking a balance between customers’ expectations without compromising team’s dignity.

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful for the thoughts on this matter to help me affirm my stand.

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