#297 – 10 Mar 2017

christine ang

Happy Birthday to Me!

That’s right, it’s my birthday today. I’ve always been fairly private about my birthday, only close family members and a couple of friends knows the actual day. I’ve never deem it necessary to publicize nor shout about a private occasion. For one, I hardly ever celebrated my birthday in a big way in my life thus far. It’s another day to me, and one to spend with closed ones.

Back to EmpowerYourLife

I couldn’t have chosen a day more appropriate than today to write a post. I’ve been away from this space for more than 3 months. I can’t believe it, but it’s a fact. This blog has been an important part of my life since 28 Jan 2016 when I  posted my first gratitude journal. It still is, and I swear by my endeavor to continue to empower lives with my writing and sharing.

on track today

I’ve never doubted that I’d stop writing because I believed I will. I got busy, priorities changed, there are other issues to reckon with in my life during those times. Excuses, most will call them. I don’t deny they are as well. Most of all, what happened are results from decisions I made within my own control. I’m fully accountable and take 100% responsibility for the outcome.

Writing on Paper and Apps

For that matter, I’ve never stopped writing. I’ve been writing on paper, post-it pads and on mobile apps. Wherever I am, whenever a thought comes to mind, I’d penned it down in short notes or point form. What’s important is to capture my thoughts immediately. I’ve written quite a lot but never had the time to expand those thoughts for posting here.


Time that has passed cannot be retrieved or recovered. But I can throwback to the time that an event has taken place at that point the thought was captured. I could turn back the clock and back-post my articles to reflect past dates, but I have chosen to throwback instead. No stress or rush to complete my writing and posting this time. Write with intentions, write with passion, write with sincerity.

I have to finish what I’ve started, #365 Gratitude journal. I’ve got enough contents to fill right up till 365 posts and beyond. What I’m needing is time, effort, heart and passion to complete those writing. I know I will.

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful for restarting on my journal.

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