#365 Gratitude 2016 is my personal challenge to write one gratitude journal a day for 365 days, begins 28 Jan 2016.

#296 – 18 Nov 2016

rainy season

The rain is pouring like cats and dogs outside my window. It’s the rainy season this time of the year. Having lived all my life in sunny island Singapore, where everyday is summer, I’m still not very accustomed to pouring days. I love the sun and am not very used to sudden coldness. The temperatures in Singapore can drop 7-8 degrees in a short span of time, turning from sunny to heavy downpour.

Seasons in Life

Like the four seasons of nature, we go through different seasons in our lives. Every season is accompanied by traits unlike any other season, similar to the stages we go through in life. There is no good or bad season, but it’s a necessity and forms part of our entire journey on earth.

I’ve been in an extremely difficult season of my life for the past few years. It’s far from over. I may not have faced the worst yet, but one thing I know for sure, the season will pass in time to come. No season stays forever. Even without four seasons in Singapore, we have sunny days, extremely hot days, cooler days and cold days during heavy downpour. Every day is different from the day before.

Staying Motivated in Tough Seasons

It’s hard to spot a rainbow in Singapore. I guess it could be because we have too many high rise buildings. Whenever I spotted a rainbow, it really makes me happy, and I’d be sure to capture it. Here’s one. The picture may not be sharp, but it’s clearly a rainbow alright.

rainbow sg

Rainbow never fails to delight me. It’s encouraging, motivating and I know there’ll always be rainbows whatever the seasons. Here’s how I stay motivated all the time:

1. The purpose behind each purpose. Everything happens for a purpose, and there’s a greater purpose behind. Think not about the things that happen to you, instead, why it happens for you?

2. Bad season will come to pass. No matter how tough, how challenging, how difficult things may seem, it will end, just like a passing season. It may be over before you knew it.

3. Focus on solutions. Don’t sit around waiting for a problem to pass you by. Focus on solutions to resolve the issues at its core. If you stay passive and cast it behind, it may surface as a bigger problem the next time.

4. Live with courage. Challenging days are part and parcel of our life journey. You may be faced with a different challenge each day, even on good season. Have the courage to pursue and take on each challenge as they come along.

5. Continue to have faith in yourself. Without faith, you’d fall short of the courage and fighting spirit to tackle the difficult times. Believe that with each passing day, things will get better and the situation will improve.

6. Motivate others. It’s not absurd at all. See beyond your own situation and encourage others who are facing similar challenges to hold on, fight and they’d surely see results and changes one day.

7. Do not give up. As long as you do not stop and give up, I believe you’d see rainbow at some points in time. Hang on!

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful to be motivating others, as well as being a self-motivated person.

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Credit: rainy

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