#295 – 17 Nov 2016

#365 Gratitude 2016 is my personal challenge to write one gratitude journal a day for 365 days, begins 28 Jan 2016.

certification exam

I’ve every intention to spend a quiet day at home today in preparation for a certification exam the next day.  It’s been a long time since I last sat for an exam. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to and I’ve every intention to make it work. I’ve not been informed of what to prepare in terms of the contents, nor were there any materials to read or reference.

My Experiences with Exams

I’ve never been an exam ace all my life. In my days as a student from primary to secondary school, whenever I had to pass an exam, I studied hard. Mind you, I’m not even extremely hardworking, so I’ve always been mediocre in my results, except for languages which I seemed to have a flair for.

After working for many years and jobs, I discovered my interest in marketing and decided to pursue a Marketing Diploma. It wasn’t easy juggling a full-time day job, and part-time study three times a week. While physically tired with projects and exams, I found myself learning the most in those two years. That’s probably because I’m interested in the subject I believed.

When it’s Important to Pass an Exam

I continue to pursue a Business Degree when I obtained my Marketing Diploma. While the marketing diploma was easy for me, the Degree was a little tougher, and I had to deal with two subjects that I don’t particular like, finance and statistics.  And the requirement is, I’m only allowed to fail once. Twice, and I will have to repeat the entire course.

Of course I made it, after working out several study and exam tips for myself.

1. Have a goal and stick to it. My goal is to pass and obtained my degree in one single sitting for all modules. That’s my one and only goal. That way, I will not have to waste time repeating a subject and retaking the exam, which means I will graduate later.

2. Stay focus on your purpose. That’s probably the easiest to establish. Perhaps as students in formation years, there are people who are not keen to study. As a working adult, I know my purpose for pursuing a degree, and all I did was to stay focus on that purpose. Everyone needs to find your purpose for that matter.

stay focused

3. Work on your Weakness. I believed everyone has some hidden talents, and you can find them in the things you do. In this instance, I’ve found most subjects easy, saved for finance and statistics. I took extra efforts and time to work on them, read up a lot more on financial subjects and do more exercises on statistics calculations.

4. Relief anxieties. The worst thing that can happen is to get stressed up right before an exam. Find ways to relief your anxieties – taking a walk, exercise, eating chocolates, sleep, whatever that has worked for you. Get enough rest and stay relax.

5. Do your best. If you’re prepared yourself in the best of your given time and abilities, simply do your best during the exams. Avoid studying on the day of exam, it’s not going to help.

Hope the above helps. All the best to me tomorrow!

Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful to relief myself of exam anxieties.

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