#293 – 15 Nov 2016

#365 Gratitude 2016 is my personal challenge to write one gratitude journal a day for 365 days, begins 28 Jan 2016.

my dashboard

I took a look at my Dashboard this morning. Look! To this date, I’ve written more than 310 post and 9 pages of contents on this site, counting 293 Gratitude post including this. I’d like to say to myself, “well done Christine, keep going”,  gave myself a pat on the shoulder and a warm hug.

My Personal Guide to Life

In truth, this site has become my personal guide to life, as well as to a few friends and readers who told me they have benefited from reading my articles. To you, I say thank you for reading and I’m happy that my writing has served you in some ways.

The year 2016 is almost coming to an end. It means I’ve committed to my writing thus far, for almost a year. I’ve always been an advocate of personal development, and I felt fortunate to have written hundreds of articles in this area. Even with the gratitude post, I’ve made it a point to include an element of personal development in it. There’s a learning and gratitude in every post.

My Writing, My Learning

My ideas for writing came from many aspects of my daily life:

  • When I encounter a problem, I learn how to resolve it and share the solution and my learning from it.
  • When I have doubts about something or someone, I share my experiences, my thoughts and how I dealt with it.
  • When I’m worried about an impending issue, I share my anxieties, my fears and how I overcome them.
  • When I made a mistake, I write about my learning points, the pitfalls and how to avoid making the same mistake down the road
  • When I’ve a good or bad experience, I share both the good, the bad and how I’ve made it less painful for myself.
  • When I gain a new knowledge, I’m most happy and excited to share with people who can learn from it.
  • When I read about something worth sharing, I share them generously to create the awareness.
  • My Aha! moments. I’m sure you have yours? Those euphoric moments are priceless and worthy or sharing with the universe.

I’ve written about about many topics in the personal development arena. Nothing is new, many others have written about similar topics, and you can find tons of information when you search. But my writing are my personal reflections of all that’s happened for me in my life. It’s not theory, thesis or mere information and instructions. There’re personal reflections from my learning, unlearning and relearning.

The more I write, the more insights I gained about myself. These became learning points that I can follow in the future with similar encounters. I’m sure many people would have similar life encounters as I do, and I hope they find comfort and solace in reading this blog, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing.


Today’s gratitude lesson:
I’m grateful for all my writing, learning and sharing.

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