“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson —

Gratitude is not passive. It is an ongoing engagement. Nobody shows gratitute by keeping mum. If you truly appreciates someone, you would speak out, express it and take actions to create an impact or make a difference. Your actions and efforts will ensure the intended person receives the kindness and appreciation or feel your sincerity and love.

Indeed, there are many ways to show your gratitude. Here are 101 Ways that are easy to do and relatively effortless. Go ahead and start practicing some on a daily basis and brightens someone’s day! In the process, you will receive blessings in your own life too.

1. Thank God & thank the Universe for your existence in this planet in this time.

2. Bring your loved ones out for a good meal.

3. Buy from a handicapped street vendor in support of their efforts to make a living independently,

4. Call a family member who’s not living with you to check out his/her well being,

5. Call an old friend to check out how he or she is getting on,

6. Clear your trays after eating at public food courts & fast food restaurants.

7. Donate to a charity during their fund raising events or activities.

8. Give a loved ones or close friend a surprise gift for no reason.

9. Give up your seat in the bus or train to someone who needs it more.

10. Grab a flyer from someone who’s distributing it,

11. Hold on to the door while others walk in.

12. Join a mission trip. Experiencing the life of the least fortunate will help you gained more clarity about your own life, and in the process you may uncover your passion and life purpose.

13. Make an effort to be nice to someone you dislike. A simple smile would be a great start.

14. Switch your mobile phone to silent when you are in a meeting, attending an event or watching a movie at the cinema.

15. Offer to make a drink for a colleague or co-worker.

make a drink for your colleagues

16. Offer to take the next lift when it’s full.

17. Organize a family or friends gathering for bonding time.

18. Plan a birthday surprise for a loved one or close friend.

19. Prepare a home cook meal for your family.

20. Press & hold the lift door for somebody who’s walking towards it before the lift closes.

21. Give some words of encouragement to someone who’s feeling despondent.

22. Say good morning to the people you meet daily – family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, cleaners.

23. Bring food for the building security that you passed by regularly.

24. Tell your family how much you loved them and how much they mean to you.

25. Send a greeting card to somebody you’ve not been in touch with for awhile.

26. Send a birthday greeting to family members & friends via messaging.

27. Smile at the person whom you are buying food from.

28. Write a note of appreciation when you received a good service.

29. Give someone a hug as an expression of thanks.

30. Give your undivided attention to the person you are engaged in a conversation with,

31. Spend time with a person who is feeling depressed over an unforeseen situation or circumstances.

32. Appreciate someone who offers you an opportunity that you’ve been waiting for by doing your best.

33. Use the talent that you possess to bless other people.

34. Recognize and make good use of a person’s talent instead of letting it go unnoticed. They will appreciate you for that.

35. Be patient to telemarketers when they call. Reject them politely instead of abruptly hanging up the phone.

36. Be sincere and give constructive feedback when asked for. This will help people to improve. A good model to use is the Sandwich Feedback Model where you first give compliments for the things that are done well, followed by feedback on the areas to improve, and finally praise to complete the overall assessment.

sandwich feedback

37. Be generous when giving praises. Acknowledge the good things and state specific reasons for the praises.

38. Bring food for a co-worker when you know they are working late.

39. Be punctual or early when meeting people for appointment.

40. Pack clothes that you’ve not worn (new or old) to giveaway to charity and the needy

41. Share your personal experience with someone who consults you on a similar matter that you’ve encountered.

42. Hand-made a birthday card for loved ones & friends.

43. Send a thank you card to someone who has helped you in some ways.

44. Give chocolates to team mates and co-workers on valentine’s day.

45. Volunteer your time to participate in charity events.

46. Avoid being judgmental on any matters or person.

47. Be objective when commenting on other’s differing views in an open discussion, You want to  focus on the purpose and objectives instead of getting your personal views accepted

48. Give eye contact when listening to a presentation. Sincere eye contact boost the confidence  of the speaker.

49. Help somebody in distress even when you’ve just met them in the streets,

50. Give thanks to people who remembers your birthday or special occasions.

51. Express your gratitude to your parents for bringing you to this world.

101 gratitude_ILoveMum

52. Thank your parents for their sacrifices in doing all that they have done for you.

53. If you have received good advices from somebody, say thanks to him/her.

54. Give someone a treat on his/her birthday.

55. Buy someone a gift that they need but can’t afford it.

56. Spend time to meet up with old friends. Stay in touch.

57. Offer to coach someone in the area where they needed improvements on.

58. Offer advices in your area of expertise to people who needs it.

59. Celebrate other people’s success with them. Genuinely share in their joy.

60. Spend time with people going through grief. Provide comfort and attend to their needs during these difficult periods of time.

61. Take up the challenge to lead in a group project at work.

62. Offer to be the organizer for a group’s gathering

63. Offer someone a lift to his/her destination.

64. Pick up someone on the way to your destination if you know that person is going in your direction.

65. Buy snacks or food when you are visiting a relative or friends.

66. Visit someone who is in the hospital if you are aware or have been informed.

67. Give your best recommendations of service providers, restaurant, courses, products that you personally endorsed to people who asked for.

68. Be a testimony for people, mentors or coaches who have impacted your life. It could be in writing, audio recording, video recording or best of all, appear in person.

70. Apologize to someone if you know you have hurt or wronged them before.

71. Offer to make amends to someone if you have caused them to suffer a setback or harm in any ways.

72. Be grateful to yourself for being you in the most organic way. When you are comfortable being yourself, that’s when you can be sincere and truthful to other people.

73. Avoid being prejudice and do not take sides in any given situation even when your loved ones are involved. Be rationale and understand the whole scenario first before making judgment.

74. Tell the truth even if it hurts you or someone else.

75. Find an opportunity to reconcile with a friend whom you have a misunderstanding with before. Good friends are hard to come by in life. You’d want to treasure your relationship with them.

recouncile with a friend

76. Do not be biased against people who do not share your point of view.

77. Do not exercise favoritism in a group situation.

78. Respect other people’s views and preferences.

79. Give credit to people who have worked for and earned it, be it in their profession or in their personal conduct.

80. Never take away other people’s credit and claimed them as your own.

81. Conduct your business with the highest level of integrity even when facing your competition.

82. Keep a friend company if you know they are going through a difficult period of time. Be a listening ear, and just be present.

83. Say thanks to the cleaner or service staff who clears the dining table for you before your food arrives.

84. Say thanks to sales staff who gives you shopping tips and recommendations.

85. Say thanks to telephone operators that transfer your call from the main line.

86. Say thanks to airline crew as you depart from the plane when you have arrived at your destination.

87. Be punctual and get sitted by the allotted time when you are attending an event or watching a concert. Latecomers are disruptive to other guest. In some avenues, you will be denied entry until the next appropriate break.

88. Board an aircraft by the designated time. Airline has a responsibility to keep to their schedule. Being late is an act of irresponsibility to other passengers. It may also caused you to miss your flight.

89. Be polite when making an inquiry or request. Everyone deserves to be treated in a polite and humanely acceptable behavior.

90. Thank someone if they’ve just told you something that inspires you.

91. If you’ve read a good book, pass it on to someone who might benefit from it. For the women who wants to learn about financial independence and achieving financial freedom, I would recommend Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Woman.

rich women

92. Offer to show a stranger directions if he appears to have lost his way.

93. When buying gifts for people, carefully consider their needs and liking instead of just buying festive gifts off the shelf.

95. Acknowledged people’s presence and thank them when they attend an event that you’ve invited them to.

96. Be considerate and sensitive to other people’s feelings when communicating with them.

97. Put in time and efforts to prepare your materials when you are giving a presentation. By You providing your best adds values to the attendees and earned credibility for yourself.

98. When you have agreed to help others, be receptive of whatever roles or task assigned to you by them. Do not fuss over roles or task that you deemed unsuitable or degrading for your level or status.

99. Appreciate criticism about you. Take it as a challenge to turn negativities into positive changes.

101 gratitude_positives

100. Do not talk on your mobile phone when a meeting is in progress.

101. Smile! When you wear a smile on your face, your physical being is charged up and you will automatically have a positive mindset.

There you go! But the list does not stop here. There are definitely much more than 101 ways of showing gratitude, but this will be a good list to start with.  I will be adding on to the list on an ongoing basis. Do feel free to share your experience in showing gratitude in your daily lives. Remember that gratitude extends beyond your personal life, to your family, your business, workplace, spiritually and in every avenue your life evolves. Touch the lives of others by showing a gratitude a day!

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