“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

— George Bernard Shaw —

Have you been excited about your life lately? I have been pondering about the ups and downs in my life. There are good things and there are bad things no doubt. I do realized one thing though. Many good things that had happened to me happened because I took a leap of faith, I trusted in what I wanted to do and head on doing it. In short, I played a part in creating my success and my achievements. I have a role in deciding how I wanted to live my life, what results I wanted for myself.

For the things that I had done and failed to achieve its desired results, I had a great learning experience in the process.

In contrast, the things that I had failed to do yield no results. Of course they don’t, considering that I did not even do anything!

The truth is, we can all live a breakthrough life. It is a choice we made. It is the little thing that we do on a daily basis that will have an impact to how our lives will turn out to be.

Here is a list of 101 Ways to live a breakthrough life that I’ve compiled. These are the list that I’ve committed to abide as my life principles. I hope that you can also do the same and experience the same amazing feeling as I do. Enjoy!

1. Take a Leap of faith in whatever you do. A little faith can go a long way in pushing you to pursue your endeavors till the end.

2. Help people 101% when they requested. Remember that an extra 1% can make a lot of difference.

3. Love people wholeheartedly, sincerely, genuinely.

love people wholeheartedly

4. Voice your opinions. Make yourself heard and make your opinions count. Many people are afraid of speaking up, and ended up being complacent with their lives, living along with other peoples’ ideals.

5. Celebrate success, no matter how small. A simple high-five, patting yourself on the back , treating yourself to a piece of chocolate is still considered a celebration.

6. Appreciate your loved ones. A simple gesture like sending a text message to show your care and love would have achieved its purpose.

7. Spread your love to people around you. A simple smile to a stranger you crossed path on the road would make a difference to someone’s day.

8. Teach someone a skill that you are good at. Sharing gives you an opportunity to improve your skills.

9. Use your talents for a good reason, cause. I know of a person who is good at baking, and bakes for charity events.

10. Share your knowledge with others. By sharing, you are reinforcing your own understanding and benefiting from learning others’ perspectives.

11. Be as open-minded as you can when you are sharing about yourself. Its says a lot about how sincere you are as a person. When you are not limiting yourself, that’s when you get a lot more feedback from the people you are sharing with.

12. Volunteer your time to help the poor and needy. Give free tuition, or help someone spruce up their house. Anything counts!


13. Give donations to charitable organization.

14. Do not jump to conclusion in any given situation. Take time to listen and understand fully before arriving at a judgment.

15. Give people an opportunity to sell to you or talk to you when they ask for.

16. Assess every opportunity that comes your way with an open mind. By turning off abruptly, you may be depriving yourself a chance to am opportunity of a life time.

17. Do not judge people by your first impression of them.

18. Do not judge people by their looks.

14. Do not judge a matter base on your own perception or preference

15. Learn from your own mistake & never repeat them

16. Forgive others as you would have wanted others to forgive you for any past wrongdoings others have done to you.

17. Stay In the pink of health, Nothing can be achieved if you are sick and immobile.

18. Have a regular exercise regime to keep fit and stay energetic. I’ve noticed that having a high level of energy keeps your brain sharp, helps you stay focused keeps you going in your day-to-day life

19. Pick up a new hobby or sport on an ad ho basis. While learning, you get to widen your network and make new friends.

20. Pick up new skills when you have the opportunity, means and time.

21. Make learning new things a lifelong commitment.

22. Be a team player at work, at home and at play.

23. Don’t resent someone who did you wrong.

24. Don’t rehearse past mistakes or unhappiness. Let go & move on.

25. Do not be too calculative over minor things. Learn to look at big picture and focus on end results instead.

26. Make decisions. Do not just go with the flow. This allows you to do things that true to your heart then following someone else decision which you may not even agree with.

26. Do not keep hurt emotions in your heart for too long a time. Tell someone to release it. Letting go of  hurt feelings helps you live a happier and healthier life.

letting go

27. Get coached in areas of your life that you want to excel in.

28. Mind your own business (MYOB). Take care of your own problems first before you meddle into other people’s affairs.

29. Don’t gossip about other people’s matters. You’re wasting time & energy.

30. Don’t bad-mouthed others even if they have done you wrong

31. Write down at least 8-10 solutions to every problem you are facing

32. Stop complaining about anything or everything. Instead, focus on how you can change

33. Admit your mistakes if you make them.

34. Accept criticism as a genuine concern from the critic

35. Convert others’ criticism about you into strength. There’s always a learning opportunity to improve on your weaker traits.

36. Think and write down at least 8-10 ways of correcting a mistake you have made. You’ll be surprised by the amount of options that you have access to.

37. Find a Mentor that inspires you, and which you can model against to improve on areas in your life that you desire.

38. Lead by example. Do the things that you would want others to do likewise.

39. Be a first mover. Try out new things that other people wouldn’t. While they are waiting for things to happen, you are experiencing a new innovation and creating breakthroughs for yourself.

40. Conform to the highest level of integrity, be it in your work place, business, dealing with family and friends, or at the social level.

41. Always have goals. Ideally, your goals would cover different areas of your life namely Personal, Career, Finance, Spiritual, Family, Health and Giving

42. Put your goals in writing. Put your written goals in a place or area where you can visibly see them everyday. You can also put a list in your wallet and read them everyday.

43. Develop action plans for each goal and stick with it.

44. Discover your purpose in life. In the interim of finding, create one that is larger than your current self.

45. Open up to other people’s ideas and opinions. You will always learn something from somebody no matter how good you are at a subject matter.

46. Get uncomfortable with your bad habits. Change them and see the differences it can create in your life.

47. Walk your talk. Do not do things that are contradicting to what you preached.

48. Stay positive in all situations. The first step to addressing a problem is often to remain positive before drawing any conclusion. By doing so, you’ll start feeling the abundance flow of solutions in your mind.

49. Forgive yourself if you have done something wrong. Repent and create real changes and make a vow never to repeat the same wrong.

forgive yourself

50. Stay away from negative people. They do not serve a purpose in your life.

51. Make new friends whenever there are opportunities to meet new people.

52. Improve yourself in all areas of your life by reading books, attending seminars, listening to audio and watching DVD programs of successful people. Join a networking group for people in the areas that you are interested in to meet with like-minded people.

53. Upgrade your skills constantly in your area of profession. Aim to become the best in your industry or niche.

54. Be early or at least punctual whenever you have an appointment. It gives you time to prepare yourself, getting composed and ready for the meeting. Make it a habit whether in business meetings or social gatherings.

55. Adopt a good sleeping habit. Go to bed before midnight and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

56. Stay healthy by making healthier food choices and changing your eating habits.

57. Learn the art of self-motivation. You’ll need it in every aspect of your life.

58. Motivate others if you see that they needed it, and when they least expect it.

59. Keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances. Make it a point to have a gathering on a annual or bi-annual basis, whatever works better in terms of schedule for the group. Good friendships are precious and hard to come by. They make you feel treasured and make your life worthwhile.

60. Stay connected with new friends you’ve just made.

61. Be creative. Always think of new ways to improve your life.

62. Uncover your passions in life.

63. Make a difference in someone’s life by offering help within your capacities – finances, support and skills.

64. Help someone uncover their passions in life. Many people go through life conforming to stereotyped standards, pursuing their education, climbing the corporate ladder, settled down and get tied up to commitments of life. They have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy the things that they love to do.

65. Pursue a passion that you’ve always wanted to, but put off until you’ve got time. You never will unless you find time. start now!

66. Travel to other countries. Experience new things and new environment. See how others live their lives in other parts of the world.

67. Help someone find his/her purpose in life. Many people are living zombies of the world and do not even think about themselves. Some people have the capacity to do great things in life but are ignorant of their capabilities.

68. Discover your own hidden talents and put them to good use. Most people have a lot of talents and skills that they are either not aware of, or put aside due to commitments in life. Find some time to explore within yourself.

69. Awake your subconsciousness and level up your life. You are empowered to impact lives.

70. Volunteer to teach your skills to the least fortunate. You’ll be surprised by how learning a new skill could impact the lives for these people.

71. Take risk. No venture no gains. If you have never tried something new and which carries some level of risk, you’ll never know how it can make a difference for you. The results does not matter as much as the process and learning you gained.

72. Constantly challenge yourself. We often hit bottle neck and get stuck there for the comfort. Start by improving even 1% a month,

73. When in doubt when making decision, follow your heart.

74. Be adaptable. Life is never without its ups and downs. There is no need to change for change sake all the time, but adaptability is key to surviving.

75. Overcome your fears. Recognize what they are. Find out the causes and address them. Find an expert or guru to help you if needed.

overcome fear

76. Be proactive when approaching a matter. Get yourself prepared and ready for changes. It is better than having to react haphazardly and then regretting your actions later on.

77. Give generously in whichever ways you can. Be it giving a treat to someone or sharing your knowledge and expertise.

78. Reward peole when the need calls for.

79. Give thanks! You may be your thanking your family for their support and time, or your friends for being with you, or your subordinates for a great job, great team work.

80. Stay humble. You will be recognized for your achievements without having to brag about it yourself. A humble person attracts and draws people to learn from them naturally.

81. Always spare a helping hand for someone who needs it. It may be as simple as holding the lift for someone, or helping a neighbour to carry their shopping bags.

82. Lend your listening ear. If someone calls you to talk, give of your time to hear them out. They must have valued your opinions and trusted you to have called you.

83. Take disappointment in stride. Life is not a bed of roses. Not everything in life goes the way we want all the time. Get over it, and move on with the next possibility

84. Wake up to a good day everyday. If you have woken up thinking it’s a bad day, you did not have a good sleep, your hair looks bad, you will no doubt have a bad one. Start by waking up smiling and believing everyday is a good day.

85. Make declarations a habit. I have a list of declarations of positive personal affirmations, managing my business and finances and my favorite gospel versus. Declare them out loud every morning.

86. Maintain an optimistic outlook in life. Do not overreact to situations that you are not in control of. Be prepared and be ready for the next challenge.

87. Respect people in whichever capacities they are in, even when they are younger or seemed less experienced or knowledgeable than you.

88. Always conduct yourself in a morally acceptable manner. Do not do things that are degrading to yourself as a human being.

89. Do not do anything that’s against the law in your country.

90. Treat every human being with dignity regardless of their financial, academic or social status. They deserved it just as fellow human beings.

91. Take ownership of anything tasked to you. Be fully accountable for the implementation and outcome of that task.

92, Be a responsible person. Take charge and complete any task or challenges entrusted to you, and follow through till completion.

93. Delegate as much as you can. Focus only on things that will bring you the maximum results. Do not get bogged down with mundane task that can be delegated.

94. Give people opportunities to excel in themselves. There are hidden potentials in every person. When given an opportunity, you would be pleasantly surprised by their abilities.

95. Give people a second chance. Embrace people’s mistakes and give them a second chance to make good their mistakes

96. Love yourself. Do not be too harsh, or set too high an expectations on yourself.

97. Provide a closure for everything. When something is hanging in the air, it actually stops you from moving forward with new plans.

98. Recognize other people’s strength and use them well in that area they excel in. By leveraging on each others strength and complementing on weaknesses will most definitely result in the best collaborations and improvements in productivity.

99. Create a vision board of what you would like to see of yourself in 3-5 years time. A vision board helps you to stay focus on your goals, and helps you visualize your future.

100. Have a heart. Feel for others. Share their happiness. Share their grief.

 have a heart

101. Appreciate people for what they are, and not what you expect them to be.

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